Map showing all existing and proposed pipelines in North America

Map of Major Oil Pipelines in North America – Existing, Proposed, & Under Construction. Created by Cdn Energy Pipeline Assn (CEPA) and Enbridge. Source:

Click static map on left to enlarge, but for a FAR BETTER VERSION, click HERE to link to an amazing interactive and constantly-updated map from CEPA (Cdn. Energy Pipeline Assn.). It shows:

  • all existing and proposed or under-construction pipelines in North America
  • two maps, one for oil pipelines and the other for gas pipelines
  • OIL lines include: Access, Enbridge (incl. Northern Gateway), Inter Pipeline, Kinder Morgan (incl. TransMountain), Pembina, Plains Midstream, Portland Montreal, Spectra, Suncor, TransCanada, and Trans-Northern
  • GAS lines include:Alliance, ATCO, Emera Brunswick, Enbridge, FortisBC, Maritimes & Northeast, Spectra, Suncor, TransCanada, TransGas, and Trans Quebec & Maritimes

The CEPA map has really incredible information and should be consulted often as things are changing so fast.