DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN & PETITION to Macleans Magazine – Add ‘Ethical Investment category’ to Annual Canadian University Report!

Canadian university students have put a DIVESTMENT / ETHICAL INVESTMENT petition up on the Change.Org site!  Below is what their email says, and please SIGN, forward, post, pass it on!

“My friends and I just graduated from environmental programs at universities that taught us all about the devastating impacts of climate change. So we were angry to learn our universities are investing billions in fossil fuel companies operating in the tar sands – companies with some of the worst environmental track-records on the planet. (Not to mention, tobacco companies, weapons companies and companies using sweatshops as well.)

We came up with an simple idea to make Canadian universities think twice about where they’re investing their money. Every year, Maclean’s Magazine publishes a popular universities ranking used by high school students to decide which universities they will attend. We know, because we used it.Universities really care about how they rank.

So, we started a petition asking Maclean’s Magazine to include a “University Ethical Investment” ranking in their next Universities Report. Click here to sign our petition.